What is your desired salary?
This is the question so many job seekers dread, but realistically your potential employer needs to know your salary requirement. Most employers have a budgeted salary range and don’t want to waste their time setting up interviews for individuals who are not within their range.

You must also review your bills and budget, and know what dollar amount is acceptable. This is especially true, if you are changing careers or willing to take a step back on compensation. You must know that the step back will still allow you to pay your bills.

If you are asked this question online or on an application form, list your current salary and add a couple plus signs (++) after the dollar amount (if the system allows you to do so). When you’re asked about the plus signs, you explain those represent your entire compensation package, not just base salary.

If you are asked this question during an interview, ask them a question “Can you tell me what salary range is budgeted for this position?” Then, if this response if true say “I’m definitely within that range.” If they don’t share their salary range, state your current salary (or last salary) and explain you are looking for advancement, but would consider the entire package. When asked desired salary on an application form, the best response is to write open or negotiable.

Hiring authorities don’t know the exact amount they will offer. Their offer depends on how well you interview. If they determine you will hit the ground running with little or no training, their salary offer often increases. However, if they determine there will be a learning curve, often the offer is lowered.

You don’t want to ask for too much and get screened out for $.10 an hour. However, you also don’t want to leave money on the table by asking for too little. This is never a comfortable conversation, but you must know what offers you would accept and when you would walk away. You must be prepared because you WILL be asked this question.

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  1. While employers have no business knowing your last salary, they have a right to know whether your desired salary fits the range they want to spend.

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